6 Best Software for Creating Business Process Workflow Descriptions

Tired of bottlenecks and confusion? Tame the chaos with the best workflow tools

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By Arjel Vajvoda
Dyllan Hopewell
Edited by Dyllan Hopewell

Published February 10, 2024.

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Streamlining processes and maintaining a clear grasp of critical workflows is a key to success. Businesses are leveraging the power of cutting-edge software solutions designed expressly to create step-by-step guides.

This article reveals six of the most inventive and user-friendly software apps developed to develop to capture and manage your business workflows. We'll also explore how they change the face of productivity and efficiency across industries.

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Our 6 Best Business Process Workflow Software

  1. guidde - Best overall business process workflow description software
  2. Scribehow - Best for user-friendliness
  3. ScreenSteps - Best for managing documentation
  4. FlowShare - Best for Chrome-based processes
  5. Minerva - Best for affordability
  6. Trainual - Best for large teams

Why Use Software for Business Process Workflows?

Business process workflows are designed to ensure consistency, efficiency, and communication between large networks of people, ultimately contributing to better productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.

They also map interconnected steps toward completing tasks and activities contributing to a desired outcome. Often visualized in flowcharts or process maps, you can power them with software tools to minimize wasted effort.

Note: Business process modeling is also a crucial aspect of workflow descriptions, often using a separate notation to represent the flow of activities.

Best overall business process workflow description software


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Create video documentation 11X faster


From $16/user/month

Free trial

Free version available

Ease of use

Easy for beginners

guidde is a powerful tool designed to assist you in creating step-by-step guides and workflow descriptions. The software offers a solution for capturing and communicating business processes.

It's a powerful solution for businesses looking to simplify their workflow processes. Providing a user-friendly platform for creating and sharing step-by-step guides can empower your company to be more efficient and ensure clear communication.

It is particularly helpful for creating customer support workflows and training employees. The software maps out your processes according to an analysis of your screen recording, identifying the order in which you do tasks.

AI automatic step-by-step description creation

Customizable workflow descriptions

Smart sharing options for easy distribution

Additional add-ons cost extra

No access to advanced tools on the personal plan

Best for user-friendliness


a screenshot of a web page with a number of options


From $12/user/month

Free trial

Free version available

Ease of use


ScribeHow records tasks in web browsers and desktop apps, using AI to quickly create standard operating procedures, training manuals, and process overviews.

The automatic step Instructions feature captures mouse clicks and keyboard inputs, generating editable screenshots and text instructions.

ScribeHow's user-friendly interface simplifies guide creation. It automatically removes sensitive information from screenshots, ensuring data privacy when sharing guides.

This business process workflow software directly separates procedures and training materials from users' interactions within web browsers and desktop apps.


Scales to accommodate growing business needs

Track changes and revert to previous versions

Embed support is restricted on certain platforms

Challenges in precise click and action tracking

Best for managing documentation


a purple background with the words stop software that helps your employees save time and follow


From $250/month for 10 users

Free trial

14 days

Ease of use

Easy for beginners

ScreenSteps is a knowledge management system that can help you create and organize procedure documentation.

Its diverse tools—including screenshots, decision trees, and callouts—empower you to create SOPs, checklists, and how-tos. This flexibility helps you tailor the guide to your company's needs.

You can keep readers informed about changes and updates to documentation with notifications, ensuring they keep up with the latest information.

Analytics also help you can gain insights into documentation usage, user engagement, and areas for improvement to optimize guides. 

A built-in screen capture tool

Versatile documentation tools

Customizable article types

Costs might be high for small businesses

Platform support is limited

Best for Chrome-based processes


a person sitting at a desk using a computer displaying a video


From $32/user/month

Free trial

14 days

Ease of use

Easy for beginners

With, FlowShare, your employees can follow workflow descriptions with confidence. You can capture each step with a Chrome extension that gives you screenshots, eye-catching annotations, and intelligent captions.

Its curated guides for popular software apps and a secure data environment make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking effective knowledge management solutions.

FlowShare offers curated guides for various software applications, including Google, Gmail, AWS, GitHub, and Notion. It protects your data from third parties.

You even get a Flow Wiki—a WordPress-based platform for organizing and accessing guides. This organized and accessible platform simplifies managing and accessing valuable guides that capture your company's efficient workflows.

Protects your data from third parties

Collaboration tools like GitHub

Annotation and screenshot integration

No automated text repositioning

Limited design customization

Best for affordability


a screen shot of a web page with a purple background


From $9/user/month

Free trial

Free version available

Ease of use


Minerva helps you create interactive step-by-step guides. It also gives you a thorough knowledge base and customization options to shape and personalize the tutorials.

Minerva integrates with other tools like Mailchimp to manage your knowledge base in one place. You can also make the guides private, share them with specific people or teams, and collaborate on guide creation and improvement.

All of these features make this business process workflow software a versatile choice for those seeking a cohesive knowledge management solution.


Live step-by-step instructions

Multiple integration options

Higher learning curve

Frequent product changes make adapting difficult

Best for large teams


Very Good
a screen shot of a web page with a purple background trainual


From $300/month for up to 50 employees

Free trial

7 days

Ease of use


Trainual is an effective knowledge management platform, offering businesses a streamlined approach to documenting complex tasks using AI-powered templates. Its robust search functionality simplifies finding and referencing information within specific workflows, making it particularly valuable for frequent updates.

With Trainual, you can test employees’ knowledge to make sure they can follow the defined workflow. You also get various collaboration features like comments, feedback, and version control for team members—ensuring smooth execution.

Enables up-to-date knowledge storage

Employee knowledge testing

Value for money

Customer support only via email

Formatting manually can be time-consuming

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Go With the Efficient Workflow

The right business process workflow software can make a difference in documenting and communicating your company's know-how. When deciding, consider your needs and priorities, such as ease of use, pricing, and unique features.

Tools like guidde also make creating workflows easier with a range of features to streamline operations and improve efficiency, whether you're looking for user-friendly interfaces, advanced customization options, or seamless collaboration tools.