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Jerry Kaminski


Instructional design, Organizational development, Change management, Use of technology in learning and development


Master of Science in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University, Bachelor of Science in Organizational Education from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from University of State of New York


Jerry boasts over forty years of experience in talent and organizational development across diverse industries, including information technology, retail, government, consulting, automotive, and energy. His journey began as an anti-submarine warfare technician in the US Navy, transitioning to roles such as instructor and, ultimately, program director for the fleet combat learning command. Jerry's versatile career also includes positions as an instructional designer, e-learning manager, and Chief Learning Officer. He has achieved notable recognition, being a six-time winner of ATD’s BEST award, a past global chairperson of the ATD Forum Advisory Group, and a current member of the ATD Public Policy Committee.

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