How to Create an Engaging Training Program for Your Employees

Turn passive trainees into active learners

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By Matthew Papp
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez

Published December 24, 2023.

Employees creating a training program.

Remember when you sat through a training session that felt like watching paint dry? Yeah, me too. But what if I told you employee training could be a launchpad for excitement and not a snoozefest?

Let's ditch the yawn-inducing manuals and dive into the secrets of crafting engaging training programs that spark curiosity, boost skills, and leave your team begging for more.

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Define Learning Objectives

Want your training to hit bullseyes? Start with clear goals. Work closely with experts in the field to identify learning objectives and find ways to measure them. Also, agree on what employees should be able to do by the end of the training. The collaboration helps create compelling and engaging instructions.

Analyze Employee Knowledge

Sometimes, employees struggle not due to a lack of skills but because of outdated tools or confusing processes. Before creating a training program, you should analyze their knowledge gaps and define ways to fill them.

If there are no knowledge gaps, consider practical factors that impact delivery. Check employees' access to online learning technology and confirm if they can join live online sessions or need a self-paced alternative.

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Create Blended Content

Today's employees hope training mirrors what they'll be doing once they finish it. A blend of online research, compelling how-to videos, and hands-on simulations is your best bet for ensuring they're ready to tackle everyday problems in the workplace.

Once they start learning, they must naturally progress from theory to application. You can create a process that helps them learn core skills through short lessons, applying them through company-specific problems soon after.

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Stimulate Active Participation

The most impactful training promotes active employee engagement instead of passive listening. Remember, it's not about cramming facts into heads; you should help people learn and grow.

Consider the following tips to ensure employee engagement:

  • Get hands-on: Case studies, role-playing, and games help people use what they learn.
  • Ask questions: Make people think and discuss.
  • Fun quizzes and activities: Learning should feel like a smooth process.
  • Surveys before and after: Find out what works and what doesn't.

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Build Excitement Through Marketing

Instead of a generic email announcing mandatory attendance, you can create excitement by sharing details on how you made the training. You can also showcase how employees will benefit once they complete it.

Alternatively, you can boost sign-ups organically with endorsements from directors or executives. Framing the training as a personal growth opportunity will motivate people to participate proactively and invest in their knowledge.

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Maintain Engagement Post-Training

Don't let the fire fade. Extend the training impact with these ideas:

Practice and Growth:

  • Mentorship: Pair with managers for ongoing skill application guidance.
  • Refresher courses: Use bite-sized updates to keep skills sharp.
  • Events: Networking and sharing successes with fellow graduates.
  • Development tips: Monthly emails with bite-sized learning prompts.

Collaborate and Support:

  • Online forums: Ask experts questions, share challenges, and build resources.
  • On-the-job support: Collaborate on handy reference guides for everyday tasks.
  • Supplemental learning: Co-create resources like cheat sheets or video tutorials.

Tip: Recognize and celebrate progress. Send kudos, award badges, or feature success stories to keep the momentum going.

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Ace the Quiz on Training Programs

Training isn't a one-and-done deal. Keep the momentum going with support, celebrate wins, and encourage sharing knowledge. Watch your employees evolve into superstars, proving that learning is the rocket fuel for a thriving team.

You can also use guidde's intuitive platform to make bite-sized video tutorials, playbooks, and knowledge bases. Empower your team to quickly share what they've learned, upskill independently, and onboard new hires effortlessly.