How to Measure Employee Training Effectiveness?

Train smarter, not harder. Explore the secrets to maximizing your employee training

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By Danielle Vaughan
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez

Published December 27, 2023.

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Training employees is an investment; you want to ensure it's paying off. But how do you know if your programs lead to improved skills and better performance?

This guide will give you a toolbox of metrics to understand better how your training efforts impact the workforce.

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Use Video-Based Learning

Turns out, video-based learning is a data goldmine because it helps you track how employees interact with them. For example, you get to see how far they watch, where they pause, and if they skip sections so you can improve your training program.

Create Dynamic Quizzes

Make quizzes dynamic. Instead of a knowledge check, use short, targeted tests throughout the training to gauge understanding and adjust the pace accordingly. Plus, you can gamify them to keep learning fun.

Tip: You can create micro-learning modules to break down complex topics into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks.

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Track How They Apply the Skills

You can use completion rates to check training effectiveness, but they only tell part of the story. What if your employees clicked through the lesson without absorbing anything? Track how they apply learned skills on the job with observations, project assessments, or customer feedback.

Send Surveys

Ditch the vanilla questionnaires. Design engaging questions that tap into employees' learning experiences. Ask them what they learned and how it will translate to impactful actions in their daily work. This shift from "what" to "how" offers actionable insights that can help improve the training program.

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Unlocking Employee Potential: Power of Effective Training

Forget one-size-fits-all training manuals and generic online modules that leave employees uninformed. It's time to measure employee training with intention and unlock its true potential to transform your business and workforce.

With guidde, you can transform employee training into a dynamic, measurable force for growth. It automatically captures your expertise, generating visually appealing instructions that make complex procedures easier to understand.

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