7 Best Automated Video Creation Tools for Non-Designers

From interactive elements to AI-powered editing, find out what makes the best automated video creation tool

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By Arjel Vajvoda
Jovan Mijailovic
Edited by Jovan Mijailovic

Updated January 25, 2024.

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The rapid evolution of AI-powered video creation tools has been extraordinary. From their initial stages, which needed a lot of manual input, to today's sophisticated systems that assist in automated video editing.

If you're looking to create video documentation for training, there are a lot of tools with useful features like automated translation and interactive elements. To help you find one that fits your needs, we've created a list of the best automated video creation tools for non-designers.

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Meet the Expert

Arjel Vajvoda, Head of Product at Motomtech, uses her extensive experience in customer support to build user-focused SaaS products.

7 Best Automated Video Creation Tools for Non-Designers

  1. Guidde - Best automated video creation tool overall
  2. Loom - Best for shareable videos
  3. Camtasia - Best for screen recording
  4. Veed.io - Best for video creation
  5. Helppier - Best for interactive user guides
  6. Canva - Best for an extensive template library
  7. Crello - Best for background removal

Our Methodology: How We Reviewed the Best Automated Video Creation Tools

We used the following criteria to select the best automated tools video creation tools for non-designers:

  • Ease of use: (easy-to-use interface, templates, etc.)
  • Media integration (images, videos, audio)
  • Video editing capabilities (trimming, splitting, visual effects, etc.)
  • Pricing (free trials & plans, monthly vs. usage-based)
  • Customer support (tutorials, instruction videos, access to customer service agents)

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Best automated video creation tool


guidde cover image

Explore the future of AI video creation


From $16/user/month

Free trial

Yes; free version available

Ease of use

Easy for beginners


guidde. helps you quickly create instructional videos for onboarding and customer support by using AI-assisted workflow capture to create a detailed description of the process. Plus, the interactive elements help you make your videos engaging.

The free tier gives you up to 25 how-to videos, making guidde. a suitable option to test the features before committing to a paid plan.

Why choose guidde.

guidde.'s easy-to-use interface and AI-powered features simplify the video creation process. Its interactive elements and comprehensive pricing options make it ideal for novices and non-designers, enabling them to effectively communicate and educate our audience.

Pros and cons

Easy to use

Multiple interactive elements

Automated workflow capture

Variety of use cases

Comprehensive pricing tiers

No phone app

Chrome and Microsoft edge extensions only

Best for Shareable Videos


a computer screen with the words show it, say it, send it


From $12.50/user/month

Free trial

Yes; free version available

Ease of use

Easy for beginners

Loom is a robust screen recording and video messaging tool that uses AI-driven features to facilitate seamless communication through instantly shareable videos up to 4K quality.

The screen recording with a cam bubble adds a personal touch to your videos. You can even use its drawing tools and mouse to highlight parts of the screen the user should look at.

Loom's integration with other essential collaboration and project management tools—such as Slack and Trello—increases team productivity and workflow. Plus, its interactive features, including captions, emojis, and drawing tools, improve the clarity and engagement of your content.

User-friendly interface

Multiple integration, sharing, and embedding options

Diverse range of interactive features

Free plan can be limiting

Paid plans can become expensive for smaller

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Best for Screen Recording


a screen shot of a movie being viewed on a computer screen


From $14.99/user/month ($179.88 billed yearly)

Free trial

Yes; 3 days

Ease of use


Camtasia is a popular and feature-rich tool for screen recording, editing, and creating professional training videos.

The pre-built video templates and assets make editing easier. And you can use the enhanced audio tools to increase the sound quality, suppress background noise, and tweak the EQ and volume.

Trusted by more than 39 million creators, Camtasia offers a comprehensive video editing suite and an all-in-one screen recorder feature. Coupled with various templates, assets, and behaviors, you can easily create top-performing videos.

Broad range of editing tools and visual effects

Drag-and-drop editing

Integrated screen recording

Multitude of features can be overwhelming for beginners

No free plan

Best for Video Creation


a man standing in front of a shelf of plants


From $12/user/month

Free trial

Yes; free version available

Ease of use


Veed.io is a versatile online video tool to help you create and edit videos. Its auto-generating subtitles, text formatting, and one-click editing tools cater to various video needs.

You can also use pre-made formatting​​, custom branding, animated templates, and video compression to ensure your instructional videos are ready for social media.

Veed.io's user-friendly interface, time-saving one-click features, and versatile video editing tools can help you streamline your content creation process. Plus, the live collaboration and extensive template library give you the flexibility to create engaging and professional videos.

Easy to use

Broad range of video features

Real-time collaboration

Complex editing

Free plan comes with watermarks

Best for Interactive User Guides


a screen shot of a web page with a video on it


From $49/user/month

Free trial

Yes; 14 days

Ease of use


Helppier aims to boost user experiences through interactive guides, tutorials, tooltips, and hotspots. Those interactive instructional tools help your customers and team see vital page elements by highlighting them.

Additionally, If you want to speed up staff training and reduce support expenses, you can automate the user step-by-step guide creation and include in-app messages.

Helppier makes interactive guide creation easy because you don't need coding experience. Instead, you get customizable templates with analytics tools to evaluate the guide's effectiveness.

Multilingual support

Interactive guide creation

Built for professionals with no coding experience

Limited customization for lower-tier plans

No advanced video editing features

Best for an Extensive Template Library


a screen shot of a web page with a picture of a woman


From $14.99/user/month

Free trial

Yes; free version available

Ease of use

Easy for beginners

Canva is a good fit for simplified graphic design, offering a variety of features. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to create a variety of content—which makes it popular among newbies and designers.

The platform makes collaboration easy by giving you the option to invite others to design together, which is particularly useful for team projects​.

With over 250,000 free templates available, you have many design options for various projects, including social media posts, presentations, and letters​.

Easy to use drag-and-drop editor

Large template library

Real-time collaboration features

Less control over video elements

Performance issues with complex projects

Best for Background Removal


a computer screen with a cartoon character on it


From $13/user/month

Free trial

Yes; free version available

Ease of use


Crello offers a rich library of over 50,000 design templates, helping you start your projects quickly. You also get 10GB of storage for files and projects in the free plan to manage and organize your designs​.

The platform's pricing structure caters to individuals and teams, with the pro plan offering more advanced features and collaborative tools. For example, you can create a brand kit with logos, colors, and fonts to ensure consistency across all designs​​.

Crello gives you access to over a million creative assets, including photos, icons, illustrations, and videos—which can be used to enhance your designs​. Plus, the background removal tool can be handy for creating professional-looking designs​.

10GB of storage included in the free plan

Over a million creative assets

Brand kit with logos and fonts

Limited advanced editing features

Performance issues with complex projects

Automated Video Creation Tools: What To Look For

When creating instructional videos, the right tool can help your points be as clear and engaging as possible.

Here are some key features to consider:

  • High-Quality Screen Recording: A good screen recording tool helps you capture crisp footage. It also lets you choose which portion of the screen to capture, helping you highlight important points.
  • Editing Capabilities: You need to edit the video to make it more engaging or remove mistakes. Features like cropping, trimming, and adding text and arrows improve the clarity of your video.
  • Annotation and Highlighting Tools: You should draw on the screen or highlight certain areas to get your point across. A tool that lets you do it can ensure your viewers understand what you’re talking about.

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Automated Video Creation Tools: A New Horizon

From initially requiring substantial manual input to assisting with automated video editing, AI-powered video creation tools like guidde have made video creation and editing more accessible. That's why you should stay updated with the latest advancements in AI, as the field is quickly evolving.

If you're new to AI-powered video creation tools, start with smaller projects. Explore different video tools for easy video creation and experiment with their features to find what meets your needs.