About Guidde... How it all started

Like a lot of babies, Guidde was born during COVID. Dan and Yoav, our founders, haven't seen each other for 1.5 years.

During that time they noticed how companies are struggling with anything from onboarding employees and sharing the organizational knowhow with them, sharing knowledge externally was a struggle as well. They realized they have a solution for it. Or as we call it, a Guidde for it.

They have set out on market discovery and over 100 interviews later they realized that:

  • The problem is everywhere. Much bigger than what we thought - even bigger in big organizations but also exists in SMBs
  • People hate help - new people are challenged when they enter a new company - even worse during COVID and remote work
  • You can google or YouTube it but you won't find how to do pricing for an SMB in Salesforce that's specific for your company

A few months later they founded Guidde.

Guidde is the first and only video platform designed for software enablement that enables you to capture, organize and share videos at the point of need - embedded inside your app, accessible via a dedicated web app or available directly from your browser on any app.

The platform helps you easily find, automatically organize and maintain the video library by application, topics, features and roles

The Founders

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