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Guidde is the video documentation company. The product using generative AI, to enable anyone to create, edit and share how-to guides for any software or process - without requiring any prior design or video skills. 

Video creation today is fragmented, lengthy and hard - it typically involves multiple tools, multiple people and entails sometimes weeks of work to produce even a single video.

Guidde fuses multiple point products with the power of AI to establish a single platform that allows anyone in an organization to create, edit, publish and analyze video and documentation for any software in less time that it takes to make a cup of coffee.

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The core team behind Guidde
"Once you set the branding the way you want you can really zoom through this stuff. Use it once and if the value isn't clear to you? I don't know what to tell you."
Yoav Einav
Co-founder, CEO
Dan Sahar
Co-founder, CPO
Yoav Einav
Co-founder, CEO
Moran Altarac
VP of Marketing
Asaf David
Graham Rowe
VP Sales
Peleg Samson
VP of Customer Success
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"Guidde has been a key enabler—not only by expediting video creation, but also by increasing our capacity to produce rich, diverse content across our portfolio.”
"In the past, crafting a typical video would require several tools and take many hours including the video creation, overlaying graphics, recording a voiceover, etc. Now, we accomplish that in less than five minutes and with one tool."

Savinder Chauhan

Vice President of Support

Our investors

Opher Kahane
Rom Rymon
Ariel Gordon
Azi Cohen
Roni Einav
Haggai Levi