guidde vs Scribe

guidde offers more features and benefits than Scribe, especially in terms of video capabilities, automatic storyline, transcript and audio text to speech generation, and unified video and documentation catering to the viewer preference. Don’t believe us? see for yourself!

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Why choose
guidde over Scribe?


General capabilities

Captures screenshots and adds text and annotations to create step-by-step guides.

Automatically generates video storylines and audio voiceover combined with screenshots for seamless capture in seconds.

Custom branding

Blur sensitive information

SSO (Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, 1Login)

Automatic storyline

Transcript and audio text to speech generation

Unified video and documentation catering to the viewer preference

Natural-sounding voices in different languages and accents

Text to voice generation

Video privacy controls

Video tracking links

Video analytics

Background music

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