Creating an Effective Employee Training Playlist on Your LMS: A Complete Guide

Learn how to create an effective employee training playlist on your LMS with this comprehensive guide.

Sasi Levi
May 20, 2024
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Creating and managing a playlist for employee training on your Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for ensuring your team stays up-to-date with necessary skills and industry trends. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of building a highly effective playlist that caters to your employees' needs and promotes optimized learning.

Understanding the Importance of Playlists in Employee Training

Playlists offer numerous advantages when it comes to organizing training content on an LMS. By providing a structured and personalized learning path, playlists can improve employee engagement and reduce the risk of content overload. Playlists can be designed around specific topics, skill sets, or job roles, allowing employees to focus on their unique learning objectives. 

They also make it easier for L&D teams to manage and update training content, as well as monitor employee progress and performance. With their flexibility and customization options, playlists are a valuable tool for any organization looking to optimize their employee training and development programs.

Identifying Your LMS Platform and Its Playlist Support

Before starting, ensure that your LMS platform supports playlist creation and management. Most modern LMS providers, such as Moodle, Tovuti, or TalentLMS, offer native support or integration options for this functionality. 

Steps to Create a Structured Playlist for Optimized Learning

Follow these steps to build a well-structured playlist that fosters successful learning:

  1. Set clear learning objectives and goals for the playlist.
  2. Select the appropriate content types and sources.
  3. Organize the content into logical sections or modules.
  4. Intersperse quizzes, assessments or interactive elements to gauge progress.
  5. Ensure content is accessible, inclusive and engaging.

Selecting the Right Content for Your Employee Training Playlist

When building a playlist, the quality and relevance of the content included is a significant factor in its success. Incorporating a mix of in-house materials, external sources, and third-party content can provide a diverse range of perspectives and insights to enhance the learning experience. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it's crucial to align the content with your organization's goals, employee skill level, and industry trends. 

Regularly evaluating and updating the content in your playlist can also help keep it current and engaging. Furthermore, it's essential to ensure that the content is accessible and inclusive to all learners, regardless of their learning styles or abilities. This approach can help create a holistic learning experience that meets the needs of your employees and maximizes the impact of your playlist.

Best Practices for Designing Interactive and Engaging Playlists

To provide a more engaging and effective learning experience, consider incorporating the following best practices into your playlists:

  • Use visually appealing design elements and layouts: Incorporate graphics, images, and videos to break up text and make the content more engaging.
  • Include scenarios, case studies or real-world examples: This helps employees understand how to apply what they learn in real-life situations and improves knowledge retention.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer interactions and online discussions: Foster a sense of community and promote knowledge sharing by providing opportunities for employees to discuss and collaborate on the content.
  • Offer self-paced learning options for flexible learning schedules: Allow employees to learn at their own pace, when and where it's most convenient for them, to accommodate different learning styles and busy schedules.

Guide: An Essential Tool for Creating Employee Training Playlists for your LMS

What is Guidde?

Guidde is a generative AI platform that simplifies video documentation creation for businesses. With Guidde, your team can create how-to videos and articles for your LMS employee training playlists in just a few clicks. Guidde’s browser extension enables you to create content much faster than other methods, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business. 

With its user-friendly interface and customization options, Guidde is an ideal tool for creating engaging and effective how-to videos for employee training playlists within minutes. 

How to use Guidde for Training Playlists on your LMS

Once you have created your how-to videos with Guidde, you can add these videos to a playlist and share the playlist to your KMS by following this step: 

  1. Click Share Playlist and click Copy Link. Paste it in the platform you are using. 

Another option is to share the videos in your playlist individually, which allows you to use the Smart Copy function on Guidde. Follow these steps if the platform you are using is supported: 

  1. Click Share 
  2. Click Smart Copy 
  3. Select the LMS you wish to use 
  4. The required HTML will automatically be copied for you to paste in the appropriate place

Using Analytics to Track and Evaluate Playlist Performance

LMS analytics can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your playlist and employee learning outcomes. By analyzing engagement and progress data, you can identify areas where learners may be struggling and make informed decisions about how to improve the playlist's content and structure. For example, you may find that certain modules or quizzes are particularly challenging and require more support or revision. 

Alternatively, you may identify content areas that are not resonating with learners and may need to be replaced or updated. Regularly analyzing your LMS data and using it to make informed decisions can help you continuously improve your playlists and enhance the overall learning experience for your employees.

Tips and Tricks for Your Training Playlist 

Integrate Various Media Formats 

Utilize various media formats such as videos, text, audio, and multimedia presentations to cater to different learning styles and keep employees engaged. Ensure that all formats are supported by your LMS platform and can be accessed seamlessly across devices.

Organize Your Playlist Based on Employee Skill Level

It's essential to organize your playlist according to skill level and learning objectives. This helps employees gradually build upon their knowledge and avoids overwhelming them with complex content early on.

Include Gamification 

Integrating gamification elements such as badges, leaderboards, or point systems can increase engagement and motivation, making learning more fun and rewarding. Gamification can be especially effective when combined with playlist-based learning.

Ensure Accessibility and Inclusivity in Your LMS Playlist

Ensure your playlists cater to diverse employee needs. Make content accessible to individuals with disabilities following web accessibility guidelines, and consider incorporating different learning styles, languages, and cultural backgrounds to foster an inclusive learning environment.

Regular Updates and Maintenance of Your Employee Training Playlist

Periodically review and update your playlists to reflect new industry trends, technological developments, and changing organizational goals. This helps maintain the relevance and effectiveness of your training content.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, creating well-structured and engaging playlists is an effective strategy for employee training on your LMS. By setting clear learning objectives, curating relevant content, and incorporating best practices such as visual design elements, real-world examples, and self-paced learning options, you can create a tailored and effective learning experience for your employees. 

Regularly monitor and analyze user engagement and performance data to identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing success. By following these guidelines, you can leverage the power of playlists to drive employee development, performance, and organizational growth. 

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