How it works

Your next gen software enablement platform

Guidde replaces multiple categories of tools used by various departments within the organization and combines them to deliver a purpose-built platform for software enablement.
Guidde enables customers to perform the following six critical tasks working in unison:


Information sharing occurs in two primary formats: short (typically 2-3 minute long browser recordings) and long-form (typically an hour-long Zoom recording, demos, or webinars).
Guidde provides the means to record brilliant short-form videos and ingest and enrich long-form recordings delivering a single source of knowledge for the organization. We also provide a purpose-built lightweight editor that enables the technical staff to create new “real” content without waiting for marketing content.


Today, most organizations have many existing videos spread over various platforms from YouTube to Google Drive and Zoom Cloud Recordings through LMS solutions. One of the most significant issues is organizing the information contained in these videos and making this information accessible.

Our Smart Video Platform technology accomplishes that by providing the following classification and answers for each video in the system:

Location 📍

Which application and location inside the app

Topic 📃

What is the topic discussed in the video as distilled from the transcript automatically generated by our platform.


Guidde offers organizations multiple means to publish and share their video content to deliver information at the point of need in the proper context:

In-context videos

In-app via embedded SDK (Guidde Inside) - delivering videos in-context while the customer uses the underlying software product.

Browser extension

On-app via our browser extension - delivering knowledge across any software tool in your tech stack that teams are using daily - for example, Salesforce or Outreach when engaging with a customer or Zendesk when responding to a ticket.

Web app

Web - delivering knowledge from the Guidde web application as a single video, playlist of multiple videos, or via a shared video portal accessible by a specific customer.


Guidde’s library is contextual, providing content recommendations based on application location as well as the ability to search using natural language Guidde videos are of people sharing their experiences using specific product features for unique workflows, and adding context around each solution.


We designed our video player to provide the maximal know-how at minimal effort while assisting the viewer with assimilating the necessary information and performing it directly on the relevant software.
In the same way that Netflix has optimized their player for the best lean-back experience, Guidde’s player continuously improves towards instantly actionable know-how.
For example, one of the best outcomes of viewing a Guidde is jumping directly to the relevant application and performing the same workflow.


Guidde provides advanced tracking and analytics, including real-time events with engagement metrics and insights on the key trends.
Guidde integrates into organizations' tech stacks: when sending emails (Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot), communicating with customers in Slack, resolving support tickets (i.e., Zendesk), and scoring the leads and contents in the CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot).

GDPR certificate badgeSOC2 Type 2 badgeCCPA certificate badge

The final element is our focus on B2B and privacy and security in mind, with several levels of sharing and visibility, including public, private spaces, and spaces limited to an allowlist of customers. Security is in our DNA - as a testament to the value we place on protection, our SOC-2 Type II certification is awarded to us within our first year of existence.

What our customers say

"At Dataloop, we treat customer experience as a top priority, and with the help of Guidde, we are able to keep our customers constantly updated and knowledgeable of new features and best practices, helping them achieve product value more quickly and effectively than ever before!"

Inbal Assaf
Head of Product Growth at Dataloop Al

"We wanted to pick a solution to support our growth and keep our customer satisfaction in top shape. A solution that uses a format our customers love to consume helps to onboard them quickly into our platform and provide continuous updates of new functionality. Guidde was a perfect choice! We see the results every day in increasing video views and decreasing support tickets"

Motti Elloul
VP Customer Success & Incident Response at Perception Point