How-To Videos as Part of a Knowledge Management Software

What should you know about integrating how-to videos into knowledge management software? Read this guide to discover the benefits and best practices.

Moran Altarac
Nov 16, 2023
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Teaching is an important part of any job, as both new and old employees need to learn the company's protocols. Video, specifically, has been deemed a "highly effective educational tool" through multiple different studies. So, incorporating video into this learning process is a great way to make it effective.

One way to do this is through how-to videos. These provide a step-by-step guide that employees will be able to follow along with.

But how do you create these videos, and how can you make use of them? Read on to find out!

The Benefit of How-To Videos

How-to videos are a powerful training tool. They provide a way to train employees that is different from other methods out there. This has plenty of unique benefits to it.

The biggest benefit is the ability to play the video again and again while only having to make it once. This allows you to deliver the same step-by-step instructions to every single employee. However, you only need to actually deliver the instructions once.

This is a massive time saver. If a company with a lot of employees, training new employees is a full-time job. This means that you need to have the resources to hire someone whose only job is to train other employees.

With video training programs, the number of resources needed drops dramatically. Someone needs to create the initial video. However, after that point, the amount of work necessary is almost non-existent.

In addition, videos are highly effective. Someone watching an instructional video is able to pause to take notes, rewind to go over a point they missed, or watch the entire video over again. In fact, some studies indicate video learning may be more effective than in-person lectures.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating How-To Videos

It is entirely possible to create how-to videos yourself. These will allow you to address the exact topics you want to address.

For some industries, this is essential. Your work may be too esoteric and difficult for someone else to explain. However, you have the skills and experience to make sure your message is clear to everyone.

Plan the Video

As with most things, the first step in creating effective how-to videos is the planning process. Here, you decide on the features that will be in the video you want to create.

One of the first parts of this process is deciding what you want your video to cover. Will this be an introduction to your company or a detailed guide that explains an aspect of the employee's job?

Once you have this decided, begin writing out your step-by-step instructions. Consider the best ways to make effective instructions. As you do so, make sure the instructions you are providing are clear and easy to understand.

Then, start scripting the video. Don't just write down what you will say, also include what you will be doing. This is the benefit of using video, it allows you to demonstrate something while you deliver instruction.

Record the Video

Once you have the plan for your video laid out, you can start to record it. If you have planned properly, this portion should not be too difficult. Just make sure to follow your own instructions, changing them as needed.

Use Knowledge Management Software

To make your how-to video truly effective, integrating it with a knowledge management software program is essential. But what is knowledge management software?

These are programs that help manage the instructional material you create. Videos, guides, and questions all come together in an intuitive platform. This platform and all of the content on it are then made accessible to your audience.

Many of these programs also assist you with editing and some even help with filming. Capture software will help you film whatever is taking place on your computer's screen. Meanwhile, editing allows you to add text or other effects.

Add Post-Video Content

Videos are highly effective on their own. However, they require an individual to pay attention throughout the video. Sometimes, you may want to verify that this level of attention was devoted to the video.

This is where post-video content comes into play. These are ways to verify that the content in the video was learned properly.

One way to do this is to create a post-video test, which covers a few of the key points from the video. Employees who watch the video will take the test afterward in order to make sure they learned enough from the video. Those who don't pass the test should watch the video again.

This is easy to do with many different types of knowledge management software. The best knowledge management software will allow video to be paired with questions in an intuitive way.

Creating Effective How-To Videos

Whether you are creating introductory videos about a new job or a step-by-step guide to a task, how-to videos are a great way to do so. They save time while also serving as an effective teaching tool. Just make sure to construct them well in order to make them work.

If you are interested in a platform that will enhance your how-to videos, make sure to look into Guidde.

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