SentinelOne slashes content creation time with guidde

streamlining customer operations processes while boosting efficiency by over 70%.

“guidde has enabled us to scale our support operations without sacrificing quality.”
“We're able to provide consistent, accurate information to our customers, even as our user base grows. The results have been amazing. We are able to create step-by-step user guides in less than 10 minutes for sophisticated scenarios. We couldn't be happier!”

Tomer Ben-Arye

Sr. Staff Customer Operation Analyst

Key results


comprehension & engagement

SentinelOne now offers video-based training both internally for employees and externally for customer education, improving comprehension and engagement.


More Efficient Knowledge Sharing

The guidde search functionality streamlines knowledge sharing within SentinelOne's team, facilitating easy resource sharing and ensuring consistency. Knowledge Sharing Rate increased by over 30% which saved the team over 15 hours/week.


Feature Adoption

The text-to-voice feature aids in creating more inclusive and user-friendly training materials. Increasing Feature Adoption Rate by X3.


Faster Content Creation

guidde has significantly reduced content creation time for SentinelOne, allowing them to scale support operations efficiently, producing complex user guides in under 10 minutes. That’s over 74% improvement.

As a trailblazing leader in the ever-evolving cybersecurity industry, SentinelOne has consistently leveraged cutting-edge solutions to safeguard organizations from the relentless tide of emerging threats. Their commitment to innovation is unwavering.

In a strategic alliance with guidde, SentinelOne ventured into a realm where the potency of multimedia content is harnessed to elevate their knowledge sharing capabilities to unprecedented heights. This collaboration stands as a testament to their dedication to staying at the forefront of technology trends.

The symbiotic partnership with guidde has yielded remarkable outcomes, revolutionizing the landscape of knowledge creation. It has not only streamlined but also markedly expedited the intricate process of crafting instructional videos and knowledge base articles. These enhancements have seamlessly integrated into SentinelOne's formidable technological arsenal, positioning them at the forefront of the industry's knowledge-sharing evolution.

The Challenge

Before adopting guidde, SentinelOne faced challenges in their knowledge creation and knowledge sharing processes. They relied solely on documents, having to manually write the text, take screenshots and invest tremendous amounts of time in editing and designing it. They were also lacking video-based resources, knowing that 72% of consumers prefer to watch videos over reading text.

Creating written materials was time-consuming, sometimes taking hours for a single article. They needed a solution to drastically reduce content creation time and provide more engaging training options for both employees and customers.

The guidde Solution

Embracing the innovative capabilities of guidde, SentinelOne embarked on a transform ativejourney to overcome their existing challenges. With the introduction of immersive video-based training, seamlessly integrated for both internal activities and external customer education, SentinelOne ushered in a new era of knowledge dissemination.

This multimedia paradigm shift had a profound impact, not only enhancing comprehension but also sparking unparalleled levels of engagement among its users. Moreover, the implementation of guidde's advanced search functionality brought about a seamless transformation in knowledge sharing throughout the organization. It effortlessly facilitated the exchange and reuse of vital resources, fostering a culture of unwavering consistency

The Results

SentinelOne's collaboration with guidde has yielded remarkable outcomes in their training and knowledge-sharing initiatives. The adoption of video-based training, both internally and externally, has remarkably boosted engagement and comprehension levels.

The guidde search functionality has revolutionized internal knowledge transfer, fostering consistency and efficiency.

Moreover, Tomer Ben-Arye, Senior Staff Customer Operation Analyst at SentinelOne, lauded guidde's "text to voice" feature, which enhanced the inclusivity and user-friendliness of their training materials. In the near future, it will also allow SentinelOne to easily create engaging content in multiple languages.

Most notably, guidde drastically reduced content creation time, enabling SentinelOne to efficiently scale their support operations. Even for complex scenarios, they can now produce step-by-step user guides in less than 10 minutes, a remarkable time-saving achievement.

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