Accelerates content creation and enhances training processes for new developers

3x cost savings in content generation.

"We have releases coming out every two weeks, and now it’s so easy to embed Guidde videos in the LMS - plus, every update that’s done to the video is made directly to the video in the LMS.
"Guidde saves us so much time!"

Prahalad Madepally

Sr Engineering Manager

Key results

Streamline Creation

prevented training material from becoming stale, eliminating the need for specialized editors


Save on video content creation, editing and hosting.

Consistent Content

Ensuring a seamless learning experience for their academy participants.

WaveMaker is a leading low-code application platform that helps professionals rapidly build modern, scalable, and secure software solutions.WaveMaker’s mission is to equip developers with a flexible low-code platform that can offer abstraction and augment the efforts of core software development teams.

Guidde has transformed WaveMaker’s Academy content creation process, allowing developers without any video editing skills to perform tasks that previously required a dedicated team of specialists. This transformation resulted in remarkable time savings, reducing the content creation timeline from 10-14 days for a single video to a matter of a day or two.

The Challenge

Before adopting Guidde, WaveMaker faced a daunting challenge in developing training material for their academy. Traditional methods involving video editing and voice overs were time-consuming, taking 10 days to 2-3 weeks for a single video, while coordinating between several teams was always a challenge.

Additionally, with new product releases coming out every two weeks, the team at WaveMaker needed a solution that enabled easy and fast video creation that ensured content consistency.

The guidde Solution

WaveMaker found the solution to their challenges in Guidde. After trying several products, WaveMaker found Guidde on Product Hunt and loved its simplicity. 

With Guidde, WaveMaker was able to eliminate the need for an entire team with specialized skills to create videos. Guidde’s AI text-to-voice and quick video editing enables any team member to make new videos in just a few minutes, and the WaveMaker team loves Guidde intuitive and easy to use platform.

The Results

The adoption of Guidde resulted in substantial time savings, transforming their content creation process from days to minutes. 

Without the need for a specialized team, WaveMaker was able to redirect resources in a more efficient manner, leading to a more efficient and streamlined workforce.

Furthermore, WaveMaker was able to fast track the creation of their academy with Guidde, enabling them to jump months ahead of their schedule. Guidde is now a tool that the WaveMaker team uses daily to streamline workflows and complex processes.

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