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How it Works

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You capture your guidde in seconds

Click capture from our browser extension and go through your workflow - click stop when you’re done. We’ll take it from here.

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We make it beautiful

Make it on brand and on-point each time. Record or add text to speech voiceover, edit steps in your process, blur sensitive information, add text, annotations, and custom branding - all with the simplicity of editing a presentation.

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You share it anywhere

Share your guidde with one click to any channel. Share internally or externally, and control who you want to have access. Generate an instant visual article complete with video, images and text, and embed in your existing tools like Notion, Zendesk, Salesforce and many others.

Create content at scale

No design skills needed.

Deliver know-how with content customers love.

Give your customers the personal touch with step-by-step guides they can easily watch and follow without reading through mountains of documentation.

Explain, train, onboard and answer with ease

Enable anyone in your team create video rich guiddes to explain your product in seconds. On-brand every time, as easy as taking a screenshot and editing a Powerpoint presentation.

Deliver know-how in minutes not hours

Create engaging and captivating knowledge articles combining video, images and text, easily available in your favorite KB or LMS.

Chris Cummings
Senior Director of Client Success

“Super simple tool we can use to solve challenges.”

Guidde is a super simple tool we can use to solve the challenges we experienced with written instruction, it allows our team to provide quick, personalized video responses to customer questions. We're also using Guidde to create and publish a tutorial video library which we'll soon make available to our clients.

Wren Cotrone
Director of Customer Support

“It easily produces high quality documentation with what feels like minimum effort.”

"Once you set the branding the way you want you can really zoom through this stuff. Use it once and if the value isn't clear to you? I don't know what to tell you."

Motti Elloul photo
Motti Elloul
VP Customer Success & Incident Response

“We see the results every day in decreasing support tickets.”

We wanted to pick a solution to support our growth and keep our customer satisfaction in top shape. A solution that uses a format our customers love to consume helps to onboard them quickly into our platform and provide continuous updates of new functionality. Guidde was a perfect choice! We see the results every day in increasing video views and decreasing support tickets.

Noya Alfassi picture
Noya Alfassi
Director of Sales Operations

"Saving Time with Software Application Videos"

Guidde allows all remote teams to self-serve, improve the onboarding and skills of the different teams, and provides a much more efficient collaboration channel that works on top of our main working platform (Salesforce).

Adi Polakiewics from Qwlit profile picture
Adi Polakiewicz
Head of Learning & Development

"A Collaborative Knowledge Experience"

"With Guidde, creating and consuming knowledge, has become part of our organization's day to day."

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