Staff Training? Our Platform Is The Best Solution

Guidde lets you leverage information in the best and most secure way you possibly can.

Yoav Einav
May 20, 2024
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Training isn’t always straightforward, and whether you’re looking to train new personnel or add to the skill sets of existing staff you need to be ready. Guidde offers solutions for both internal and external training, with both Connect and Teams packages. Guidde Teams allows you to share internal video training whilst Connect allows you to view pre-existing content posted by other users.

Guidde is the best solution for staff training

Guidde lets you leverage information in the best and most secure way you possibly can, with video recording and organizing being easy and intuitive to use. Single sign-on is also an option, saving time when you’re in a hurry.

Our playbooks being shareable to anyone using Guidde means that your employees can instantly gain access to any content you’ve created. You share your content on what we call a “space”, which can be members of a certain team, users of certain apps etc. Our spaces allow you to pick and choose who needs what so as not to clog up people’s minds with irrelevant information.

All this information will be stored on our servers for as long as you need it, meaning you can use the same videos and demos year after year if needed. Of course you might want to update them when new protocols or features come in, which our sophisticated video editing suite can certainly help with.

It’s a lot easier to forget things than it is to learn them, so the personal touch is needed to make the experience memorable and have the information retained. Too many times organizations push for efficiency over knowledge, and their people lose that deep understanding that really makes a team special.

Modern training for the modern workforce

Say goodbye to long, boring lectures delivered in a dusty room. Guidde lets you deliver video communication, both post playback and in-app. Guidde can connect you even if your team is on the other side of the world, waving farewell to traditional office layouts yet maintaining that personal touch that plain old instruction manuals are lacking. You can upload any video format from any platform to convert into a post, making Guidde incredibly easy to use.

With the silo capabilities we offer you can organize your information like you might write the chapters of a book, making it easy to access the information you need. We also offer a search function based on our automatic transcript capabilities, that’s designed to be similar to Google and other search engines, meaning anyone can search through the database to find what they’re looking for without losing their way.

Guidde isn’t just limited to one way communication either, your team can share their thoughts on videos you’ve uploaded, vote on whether they were helpful or not and even ask questions about videos. Knowledge sharing is a teamwork and communication is the key to success. It isn’t just up and down since your team can share and communicate with each other, not just those above and below them.There’s never been a better time to foster collaborative learning in your organization, and never a better tool than Guidde to help you do it.

Modern Training with Guidde

Individual training program for each employee

Of course, all this information isn’t all just simply stacked together like a pile of books and left to its own devices. Using our two-way communication functions, users can ask questions about specific content and send messages directly to the content creator! It’s even possible to reply with videos if you’re stuck with how to put things into words, so no need to worry if your question can’t be condensed into a simple text post.

There’s also the matter of our search record function, which lets you see what your employees are searching for and what content they’re accessing regularly. Spotting knowledge gaps means you can create custom content to fill those gaps, which leads to a more knowledgeable and overall more productive workforce. You can also nudge them in the direction of another member of staff who might know how to explain things better than you can - delegating can be a huge key to success!

Using both of the above, you can leverage what you know about what your team knows and how best they learn to really give them a great learning experience. Remember, a well informed team is one that enjoys what they’re doing and won’t just take things in one ear and out the other.

Guidde's platform - benefits & advantages

When it comes to Guidde you’ll be hard pressed to find a better video sharing suite. We offer unlimited viewers on any license level, even the free package which we offer to let you get a feel for our product before buying! 

Guidde offers both Team and Enterprise packages, with a few differences between them. The basic Team package will net you five licenses to create content, along with:

  • Easy to use in-app recording, including video and screen recording.
  • An unlimited amount of video playbooks.
  • The ability to search through transcripts to find specific information.
  • Auto-tagging and auto-transcription, for when you’re in a rush and don’t want to type out everything you’ve just said.
  • Our advanced video editing software.
  • An unlimited number of spaces, letting you share your content freely around the globe with no worrying about size limits or running out of storage space.
  • The ability to view videos an unlimited number of times, with an unlimited number of viewers for each.
  • Integrations with Slack, Zoom, Google Drive and many other commonly used pieces of tech.
  • Insights and analytics into the past 30 days of your spaces.

If you upgrade to the Enterprise package, which offers unlimited content creator licenses, you’ll also have the following:

  • 24/7 support
  • A shared Slack channel for easy signposting and communication.
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who’ll be there to help you through the process.
  • A 99% uptime Service Agreement (SLA), meaning we’ll guarantee to keep your information available 99% of the time.
  • An additional integration with Single Sign On (SSO) software, giving you peace of mind that your data will be secure.
Guidde's Benefits

Which package you choose will be dependant on your needs, but roughly speaking you can expect the Teams package to be great for instructional and follow this kind of videos, whereas the Enterprise package lets you create a back and forth with different videos to let your team collaborate and share their opinions on how things should be done! 

Overall, an interactive environment is a more productive one, so we recommend our Enterprise package if you’re looking to really set things going and make a difference in your organization.

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