The Horizontal Knowledge Revolution

Modern organizations' learning abilities are limited by a legacy textual and vertical knowledge paradigm. Explore how video can benefit organizations.

Moran Altarac
Nov 16, 2023
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In his youtube video from 2015, Evan Spiegel (Founder and CEO of Snapchat) explained that pictures are being used for talking rather than capturing memories. For me, this was the first time I was introduced to the concept of communication via media elements.

Guidde is primarily  known for its ability to capture, classify, index and transfer knowledge, but many of our customers are telling us that the  real value behind our solution is its ability to create a continuous two-sided knowledge communication medium. A medium that can exist between enterprise businesses and their customers and partners.

Modern fast paced changes in technological environments and large amounts of data have led to the development of horizontal knowledge. Younger generations prefer to find the exact solution to their challenges and move on to the next one rather than reading all the publicly available information and become experts in a certain topic. Take news consumption as an example and contrast reading a three page newspaper article to a 280 character tweet.

One of the challenges that newer generations face is that the available tools for communication are still relying on the legacy textual and vertical knowledge paradigm. Even today, most knowledge base solutions still use text as the main communication tool, although videos are faster to create and faster to consume.

Modern content creators on YouTube are creating tutorials and guides about how to pinpoint specific challenges both in the physical world but also in various applications.The reality today is that for many employees Youtube is the first place they’ll go to,  before even reading the user manual or documentation. This trend has led to the creation of a new kind of channel where companies pay video content creators to create tutorials about their products and publish them on YouTube. The main value delivered by such videos is the ability of these content creators to understand the customers’ intentions and curate exact tailor-made solutions for these intentions.

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The main problems with such content is that it is generic (not tailored for a customer’s unique environment), often not maintained and it is not owned by the company both as intellectual property and as part of a centralized help center. 

Guidde firmly believes in the power of video and offers organizations  a two sided knowledge communication channel with their customers that allows them to both understand the customers intention and curate tailor made content for these intentions, without losing the ownership of these materials.

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