Streamline knowledge sharing processes

Training videos produced with Guidde have contributed to a 20% increase in user adoption.

"In my role, one of my biggest challenges is getting people to share knowledge internally and externally."
"Guidde eliminates this challenge, making it easy to create and share and the outcome looks great".

Ayelet Gazit

Head of Knowledge Management

Key results


Increased Velocity

Increase content creation velocity.

Top Priority

Data Security and Privacy

Created a Full end-user, public-facing How-To Playlist.


Increase in User Adoption

Emphasizing the importance of creating content in a format that users love to consume.

Novidea is the leading Insurtech provider of a cloud-native, data-driven insurance management system. Novidea enables brokers, agents, MGAs, and carriers to modernize and manage the customer insurance journey end-to-end and drive growth across the entire insurance distribution lifecycle.

Guidde has played a pivotal role in reducing the time and complexity associated with creating instructional materials, thereby streamlining knowledge sharing within the organization and with customers.

The Challenge

Before implementing Guidde, Novidea was looking for a way to facilitate knowledge sharing among their teams and deliver valuable content to customers. It was a priority to bridge the gap between subject matter experts and both internal and external audiences.
The goal was to create a better communication channel between product experts and internal and external audiences.

Especially for external audiences, Novidea required a quick, easy, and secure way to share content with analytics capabilities. Previous processes heavily relied on written documentation, proving time-consuming and less engaging. Creating how-to videos using other common video editing tools required multiple participants and extended timeframes.

The guidde Solution

Novidea turned to Guidde as a transformative solution, introducing video-based training for both internal knowledge sharing and external customer education. The multimedia approach significantly improved comprehension and engagement among users.

After evaluating other options, Novidea chose Guidde due to its combination of video and document capabilities and its ease of use in generating videos.

Guidde's search functionality streamlined knowledge sharing within the organization, allowing users to easily find relevant videos when and where they needed them.

The Results

The partnership with Guidde yielded remarkable outcomes for Novidea. The adoption of video-based training enhanced engagement and comprehension levels. Guidde's search functionality revolutionized internal knowledge transfer, fostering consistency and efficiency.

Ayelet Gazit, the Head of Knowledge Management at Novidea, praised Guidde's "text to voice" feature for enhancing inclusivity and user-friendliness.

Most notably, Guidde drastically reduced content creation time, enabling Novidea to efficiently scale their knowledge creation process.

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