How Guidde is used across the Customer Success and Presales teams

Fast-growing cyber security vendor uses Guidde to create a unified knowledge sharing experience across presales, customer success, and support.

Case Study

With a mission of “fast attack prevention” this rapidly growing cybersecurity provider uses Guidde across multiple customer-facing teams to provide their customers and partners with the ongoing knowledge they need to continuously improve their security posture.

The challenge faced by the Customer Success team before Guidde.

Lately, the company has signed a new Tier-1 MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) partner which led to a massive increase in usage and users. This presented a massive opportunity for the company to onboard 250 new customers in under 12 weeks. With the product constantly evolving and their existing documentation falling further and further behind, MJ and his team were the ones tasked with educating the customers and partners in real-time and faced a huge load increase across the entire team.

Why this cybersecurity vendor selected Guidde?

MJ has tested out multiple digital adoption and knowledge solutions and even attempted to implement UserPilot. They eventually stopped using UserPilot as it was hard to create and maintain the supposedly low-code walkthroughs and customers have found them to be friendly and usable. MJ was a firm believer in Video as a great medium to pass knowledge as he and his team have been performing and recording multiple Zoom sessions with customers and partners alike and have struggled to make proper use of them with customers.
“We knew that we had two goals that we wanted to achieve:
1. Broad customer engagement - Transfer knowledge at scale to all of our customers and partners.
2.Customer specific knowledge transfer for our key accounts and tier-1 partners”.
We wanted to pick a platform that uses a format our customers love to consume and we can use to onboard them quickly into our platform as well as provide continuous updates of new functionality that we introduce to the product.” Guidde fulfilled these two promises as we used the solution from the very first engagement with a prospect using broad-based video content (some of which our product marketing team has already created). Additionally we deliver “white gloved” content to each customer by combining customer-specific Zoom recordings with ad-hoc video playbooks.”

How Guidde is used across the Customer Success and presales teams.

Today, every member of the CS team uses Guidde as part of their workflow. The video content library is continuously growing (already spanning tens of video playbooks). Each team member typically captures ongoing customer Zoom sessions and uploads them into Guidde as well as records ad-hoc searchable playbooks. “Long-tail” customers are provided access to the main Guidde space where they can search and watch content that is relevant for most customers. Named customers and tier-1 partners access video content in dedicated Guidde spaces which they watch via the Guidde web application or the Guidde browser extension that runs over the cybersecurity SaaS application. It’s like their own private YouTube site. The team also uses Guidde to pass knowledge internally and share tips and tricks on the product. New CS team members typically used a spreadsheet with tasks to perform during their first 90 days to become proficient with the product. Today each row in this spreadsheet also contains a link to a Guidde video playbook that they can watch over their cybersecurity application from the browser extension. The product team has also been introduced to the product and the plan is to embed the Guidde SDK into the SaaS application in Q1/22, initially with the generic video content designed for the broad customer population and later on to introduce individual customer spaces as well.

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