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How-To Videos for Sales Teams

Sales teams can use this video strategy to leverage modern trends to their advantage

Anyone in sales can tell you, it’s a hard business. No matter the industry, sometimes people will encounter challenges in their attempts to sell even the best products or services. Successful salespeople find ways to navigate obstacles, including the tallest mountain, a firm “no”. How might one go about this tough task today? Let’s take a look at a sample employee responsible for developing sales.

Imagine the typical account executive. Maybe they work for a growing but established software company. They may be responsible for driving sales and conversions by maintaining client relationships and providing their prospects with clear answers to their questions regarding the product they wish to sell. This requires thoughtful and considerate contact strategies that will be implemented throughout the sales process.

Knowing their own objectives, and knowing that both they and their prospects are self-interested, as most people are, they may ask themselves the following questions:

  • “How do I deliver my prospects the right information to drive conversions and sales?”
  • “How can I ensure I reach prospects with proper amounts of information and the highest frequency of contact possible? In other words, how can I be sure I’m not annoying them?”
  • “How can I expand my reach beyond my current prospects into other departments and silos at the target firm?”
  • “How can I keep my sales communication streams fun and entertaining?”

The answer to all of these questions is short-form video content. There are a variety of ways to leverage short videos to enhance customer retention, improve engagement, and create new paying customers that will last. 

Short videos provide a level of convenience hard to find elsewhere, and they should find a leading place in your sales conversion process. Take product demos for example. Who wants to block off precious time on their calendar to sit in a half-hour or hour-long Zoom meeting to engage with an unfamiliar product or service? Although this meeting to discuss and learn is quite important, it’s usually better for both parties to leave their calendars free for more urgent matters.

With short videos, an account executive (AE) or sales development rep (SDR) can nurture potential client feeds with ease while providing their prospects the flexibility to engage with that content on their terms. This helps enhance and maintain a cadence with the prospect that feels natural and  unforced. The relationship has space to develop its own rhythm and timing. 

At the same time, the contact is consistent. There’s no need to wonder if there are missed opportunities or lost time. The content strategy rolls out on its planned timeline, and is flexible enough to be adjusted on short notice. 

Part of this flexibility includes personalization options for the sales rep. They can choose to include short GIFs or videos that include their profile picture to help customize their message. This is a great way to deepen brand awareness, build loyalty, and raise customer satisfaction.

Relief from traditional, more rigid forms of sales communication become even more apparent. The account executive or sales rep is free to create nurture feeds that require few clicks from the prospect. A good example of this frictionless experience is embedded GIFs in email. Bright and clear imagery and captions grab the prospect’s attention for those crucial few seconds needed to provoke a positive thought. 

Sales teams can use this video strategy to leverage modern trends to their advantage. People are more likely than ever to go to Google and the Internet at large to find the answers to their questions, including answers about things they want to buy. By taking the opportunity to fill that knowledge gap, sales teams can increase engagement with their prospects and control their product’s narrative. 

They are also free to plan and create contact strategies well in advance of their deployment. As the prospect continues to understand the value add, the content creator can continue to anticipate their needs and communicate how that value cascades into their workbase. 

This process also affords the sharp account executive another added benefit. As they guide their prospects further down the sales funnel, their messaging strategy will attain a brand, a clear scope and focus. 

This mature communications stream is likely to crowd out competitors and strike to the heart of what matters to the customer. What better way is there to ensure sales conversions than to be the only voice your customer hears over time? Well-developed content stands out. 

As the executive’s content continues to draw attention, another added benefit is provided through the choice to use short videos. They’re very easy to share, and thus are likely to circulate throughout an organization. Engaging content draws attention, and the possibilities from there are limitless if salespeople can keep that attention..

Consequences of internal politics aside, the potential for the content to penetrate various departments at the prospect’s firm provides clear upside potential to turn a healthy, profitable relationship into a booming business. At the end of the day, the more key stakeholders and decision makers involved, the higher the potential for sales. Sales teams want as much fertile ground for their product to take root as they can create. 

Now, some sales teams have been using video for a time to increase conversion rates. And those sales teams, they recognize how videos help them convert. So why don’t ALL sales teams use video as a standard business practice? Something must be restricting its use. After all, who doesn’t want to make more money?

Restrictions might include the complexity of content creation. Video production invokes thoughts of cameras, lights, microphones, and a script. That’s daunting for anyone with little to no experience with these things. It’s also difficult to personalize video and give prospects a custom, white-glove experience. 

Given these factors, one may ask themselves: how is it possible to create custom videos without expertise in content creation? Who is going to make these videos, and how will we ensure quality at the highest possible level? This sounds expensive, how can we do all of this in a cost-effective manner? Guidde provides the solution to these issues. 

With Guidde, sales teams can use video to create and deploy content strategies to drive customer acquisition and retention. Capture video instantly to drive understanding and engagement with prospects. 

Guidde allows sales teams to curate and maintain a full library of knowledge. They can tailor content to their prospects’ needs, or keep things generic for those near the top of the sales funnel. Also, the knowledge is there forever, prospects and customers can find it when they need it. 

Gone are the days of bringing in expensive teams for content strategy and creation. Guidde provides everything a sales team needs to convert prospects into customers and drive sales that can last.