Let's Talk Enablement. Software Enablement with Karen Sela.

Let's Talk Enablement. Software Enablement with Karen Sela

Peleg Samson
Jun 28, 2022
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Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where do you work? What’s your role? And how long have you been in the Industry?

I'm building and leading the Customer Support team at Guardio.

I’ve been in the industry for more than 6 years now, and I’m passionate about everything customer-related. I believe that Guardio is unique because support goes far beyond technical troubleshooting, we combine data and our users' voices to provide the best protection and loop back users' insights into the product.

Let’s dive in, what is your current Tech Stack for your support activities?

Support organizations should focus on Tech Stacks that simplify the lives of employees and customers.
The most common tools we use at Guardio are Zendesk, Jira, and Notion.
Notion, for example, allows us to create, share, and manage internal documentation. Clear onboarding and guidelines help us to gain knowledge and provide the best experience to our users.
With Zendesk on another hand, we have multiple integration and automation that enhances our efficiency but also leads to greater cooperation between the different teams and commitment.  

How do you think an organization can encourage a knowledge-sharing culture?

“Sharing is caring” is more than just a quote, and we should motivate and encourage everyone to do it. Every company should value curiosity, sharing insights, and being patient with each other. While it might seem obvious, sometimes in the day-to-day we tend to forget how these things empower people. We should also be able to talk about mistakes and failures openly. It encourages people to share their experiences without being judged and learn from them. All of this creates a positive environment for learning, connecting, and growing.
At Guardio, we have a constant slack channel for updates, user issues, and reviews, where everyone can receive the information in real-time.

How much of your support content is reusable? Vs. needs to be created?

Almost everything at Guardio was built from scratch when I joined. Now, we can reuse it or adapt it. I believe that tools like Guidde make it very useful. Good customer support is always about finding the right balance between what can be re-used (to save time), what can be automated, and what needs to be personalized.

What measurements and KPIs do you use today to define your support department goals? How do you measure success?

Aside from the standard SLA, ticket volume, and FRT, I am really trying to focus on CSAT and churn.
I also measure my team's success by their “level of happiness”. Employees who are happy perform better, are not overwhelmed, and feel valued. When your team is happy, all the other metrics are impacted, but mostly the customer experience.

Personal Question to close the talk. Since we know sharing the Know-how is a team effort and we are big sports fans. What is your most memorable team sports moment?

I’m originally from France, so it’s definitely the World Cup in 1998. I was a child and I remember this victory as a huge thing. Allez Les Bleus :-)

If someone wants to connect with you, what’s the best way to do it? Social/Email etc

You can contact me through Email or Linkedin. I’m always happy to connect with people and share knowledge! Of course, you can also email and I’ll reply to you with a swift 15 minutes SLA ;)

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