Our Top 5 Edge Extensions for Productivity Improvement

Our Top 5 Edge Extensions for Productivity Improvement

Moran Altarac
Nov 16, 2023
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Edge extensions are small software programs that can be installed into the Microsoft Edge browser to add additional functionality or features. They can be used to improve productivity by streamlining certain tasks, automating processes, or providing access to new tools and resources. In this post, we'll highlight five edge extensions that can help you get more done in less time:

  1. Obviously Guidde: Step by step guides that you can create in seconds. There are endless use cases for Guidde, here are 6 quick examples on how to improve your day to day productivity: 1. Support tickets 2. Knowledge base articles 3. Personalized customer communication 4. Internal knowledge sharing 5. Employee onboarding 6. New feature announcements.
  2. OneNote Web Clipper: This extension allows you to easily save web pages, articles, or other content to your OneNote notebooks for later reference. You can choose to save the entire page, a selection of text, or just the summary, and you can also add your own notes or annotations. This is a great way to quickly capture and organize information from the web, whether for personal or professional use.
  3. Grammarly: If you're someone who frequently writes emails, documents, or other written content, then you know how important it is to have good grammar and spelling. Grammarly is a popular grammar and spelling checker that can help you write with confidence and avoid mistakes. The Grammarly extension integrates directly into the Edge browser, so you can check your writing as you go and get real-time feedback and suggestions.
  4. LastPass: If you have a lot of different passwords to remember, then LastPass can be a lifesaver. This extension lets you store all of your login credentials in a secure, encrypted password manager, which you can access with just one master password. This means you no longer have to remember multiple login details, or worry about forgetting a password and getting locked out of your account.
  5. Honey: If you're someone who does a lot of online shopping, then Honey is an extension that you'll definitely want to check out. It automatically searches for and applies the best coupons and deals to your shopping cart at checkout, helping you save money on your purchases. You can also set up price drop alerts and get notified when items you're interested in go on sale.

Overall, these five edge extensions can all help you improve your productivity in different ways. Whether you're looking to save and organize web content, write with confidence, manage your passwords, or save money on your online purchases, there's an extension here that can help.

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