Top Sales Enablement Tools: 10 Innovative Solutions for Sales Success

Discover the top sales enablement tools and innovative solutions that can boost your team's success and drive sales productivity.

Arjel Vajvoda
Jun 30, 2024
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Imagine this: your sales team is hitting a wall. Leads are drying up, deals are stalling, and quotas are looking increasingly out of reach. You've tried different tactics, but nothing seems to be working. Frustration is mounting, and the pressure is on.

Relying solely on individual talent isn't enough. The secret weapon for top-performing sales teams? Sales enablement tools. But with many options available, choosing the right ones can feel overwhelming.

That's why we'll guide you through the top sales enablement tools, helping you navigate the options and choose the ones that perfectly align with your team's needs and budget.

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Our Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools

  1. Guidde - Best sales enablement tool overall
  2. EngageBay - Best for CRM integration
  3. Gong - Best for B2B sales
  4. Highspot - Best for multichannel sales
  5. Showpad - Best for mobile sales
  6. D&B Hoovers - Best for analytics and reporting
  7. Hubspot - Best free sales enablement tool
  8. Whatfix - Best for training and onboarding
  9. Storydoc - Best for personalization
  10. Outreach - Best for collaborative work

Essential Features for Sales Enablement Success

Generic Features

  • Ease of use: Your team learns to use the sales enablement software quickly if it has an intuitive interface.
  • Integration capabilities: You should centralize your data and activities. The best way to do it is by combining your chosen sales enablement platform with customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce and marketing automation platforms like Hubspot.
  • Analytics and reporting: Data-driven insights should be at the core of your sales strategies, and tools such as Mailchimp and Zoho can gather the necessary data.

Specific Features

  • Content management: Centralized storage, organization, and access to sales materials make it easy for your team to find and share information.
  • Training and coaching: Platforms like guidde offer many tools that you can use to create training modules, improving your team's sales skills and product knowledge.
  • Customer engagement tracking: Personalized follow-ups and strategies based on customers' interactions are possible via tools like Hubspot CRM.

3 Steps to Optimize Your Sales Enablement Software

1. Align With Sales Goals

Ensure the tools directly support your objectives, like increasing revenue or improving efficiency. Aligning them with clear goals demonstrates their value to the sales team and encourages buy-in from the outset.

2. Provide Comprehensive Training

Offer thorough training sessions that cover features, benefits, and real-life use cases. Use hands-on exercises and scenarios to show how the tools streamline workflows and drive results. Encourage active engagement to maximize onboarding and software usage.

3. Continuous Support and Feedback

Create a system where sales staff can give input on the effectiveness and usability of the tools. Provide ongoing support to address any challenges or concerns they encounter, and regularly update the software based on user feedback and evolving business needs.

This approach will ensure the tools stay relevant and user-friendly and ensure long-term adoption and success.

Keeping Sales Enablement Simple

As sales enablement tools continue to evolve, embracing technological advancements like AI and machine learning offers exciting possibilities. But in this innovation, prioritizing user experience remains crucial. Remember, the most powerful tool is only effective if your team uses it.

That's why, when selecting a sales enablement solution, you should focus on user-friendliness and simplicity to ensure long-term use. Try guidde, our best overall pick, to ensure your team receives relevant and targeted training for success.

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