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Nayax witnessed 

an 80% acceleration

in video production time.

Nayax witnessed an 80% acceleration in video time.

"Guidde’s AI is the most impressive benefit - you click on it and AI does the rest, recognizing and executing the process. It’s amazing"
"Our plan is to use auto-translate to effortlessly create guides for an international audience"

Eliran Maor-Trifman

Training Manager

Key results

7X Production

Easy upload process to YouTube and a seamless embedding capabilities

to Hours

A remarkable acceleration in video creation time

Content Quality

Higher-quality and consistent training materials with Guidde's AI features such as auto-translation and text-to-speech.

Nayax (Nasdaq: NYAX, TASE: NYAX) is a global commerce enablement and payment platform designed to improve business' revenue and operational efficiency. Nayax offers a complete solution including localized cashless payment acceptance, a management suite, and consumer engagement tools, enabling merchants to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere. With global experience in serving the unattended retail industry, Nayax has transformed into a comprehensive solution focused on our customers’ growth across multiple verticals, including attended retail, EV charging, hospitality, transportation, and more.

The Challenge

Before integrating Guidde, Nayax faced a time-consuming process for producing tutorials and content for the company’s customer focused YouTube channel. The creation of each video, taking approximately 1 week , involved a specialized team, multiple video editing software, and extensive planning, editing, and execution. This labor-intensive approach hindered Nayax's rapid content production and diverted resources from other critical projects.

The guidde Solution

Nayax's implementation of Guidde emerged as the key to overcoming their time-intensive content creation challenges. This partnership enabled Nayax to significantly simplify its video production process, with Guidde's platform supporting the entire workflow. Guidde’s AI capabilities accelerated each content copy description. Utilization of Guidde’s features, including text-to-speech and auto-translation, facilitated a streamlined video-making process, complemented by rapid video editing capabilities.

The Results

Post-adoption of Guidde, Nayax witnessed an 80% acceleration in video production time. Tasks that previously required a specialized team and multiple editing tools are now efficiently handled by a single individual. This also opened the way for more knowledge contributors that previously were not creating content due to the complexity of existing tooling. Nayax's team also makes heavy use of Guidde's AI for automating time-intensive processes such as auto-translation and text-to-speech.In comparison to legacy desktop solutions that were used by the team in the past such as Camtasia, Guidde's speed was notably superior. The outcome of this partnership was a sevenfold increase in Nayax's YouTube video output, alongside enhanced operational efficiency due to fewer personnel needed in the video creation process.

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