Mastering Customer Onboarding: Nezasa's Journey with Guidde

Nezasa is streamlining the customer onboarding process for customers to shorten their onboarding time and improve time to value.

"Working with Guidde helped us reduce the time for internal - but mostly - external onboarding sessions".
"We find our customers are a lot more driven to the content we are putting out to support them while at the same time finding it much easier to guide them in the right direction"

Mário Soares

Digital Customer Success Operations Manager

Key results

Streamlining the customer onboarding

Nezasa is streamlining the customer onboarding process for customers to shorten their onboarding time and improve time to value. 

Easy to digest knowledge articles

Creating more appealing and easy to digest knowledge articles, with embedded videos created in Guidde.

Repurpose content

Nezasa is repurposing customer onboarding videos for efficient employee onboarding.

Nezasa, a trailblazer in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for the travel industry, specializes in providing travel companies with planning and booking capabilities through their innovative software platform. 
By partnering with Guidde, Nezasa is revolutionizing both customer and employee onboarding, speeding up processes and optimizing resource allocation.

The Challenge

Nezasa embarked on a mission to enhance the customer onboarding experience. While their knowledge base was comprehensive, they recognized that reading articles and extensive onboarding sessions could be time-consuming for both their team and users. 

Seeking a more effective approach to disseminate information and improve self onboarding, they contemplated the potential of instructional videos. However, concerns arose about the resource-intensive process of video production and editing.

The guidde Solution

The turning point came when Alex, Nezasa's Chief Customer Officer, was introduced to Guidde. It became evident that Guidde held the potential not only to streamline onboarding videos in their knowledge base but also to cater to various departments such as marketing and HR, providing product insights, and showcasing diverse use cases.

The Results

Guidde-enabled videos now serve a dual purpose—onboarding both customers and new employees. This transformative shift is already reducing onboarding processes' duration for both parties. These videos, combined with a structured onboarding path, allow our customers to easily understand key features of TripBuilder. In their words, they find it a more interactive and simple way to learn. Moreover, the need for frequent internal and external meetings is being substantially reduced. New employees can now independently navigate their onboarding journey and address queries in broader team discussions.

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