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Perforce Achieves Over 90% Reduction in Video Production Time with guidde

“We recognized the need to accelerate onboarding and time to value for our customers and have always felt that video was the right approach”
"guidde has been a key enabler—not only by expediting video creation, but also by increasing our capacity to produce rich, diverse content across our portfolio.”
In the past, crafting a typical video would require several tools and take many hours including the video creation, overlaying graphics, recording a voiceover, etc. Now, we accomplish that in less than five minutes and with one tool."

Savinder Chauhan

Vice President of Support

Key results


Faster Videos

The Support team at Perforce reduced their video production time from 4 hours to 2 minutes.


Time Saved

Crafting knowledge base articles reduced from 8 hours to just 1 hour.


Articles in 3 Weeks

The team cleared a backlog of 200 knowledge base articles within an exceptional 3-week timeframe, a task that would have otherwise taken several months.

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Perforce Software, a leading provider of solutions for enterprise teams requiring productivity and visibility at scale within the SDLC, has joined forces with guidde to streamline their tutorial video process. By leveraging the power of guidde's AI-driven platform, the Perforce support team has not only reduced video production time significantly but has also improved knowledge base article creation, leading to improved operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Before adopting guidde, Perforce encountered challenges in their tutorial video creation process. These explainer videos play a crucial role in achieving faster resolution times, enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing ticket volume, and more. When using tools like Camtasia, the video creation process would typically span from half a day to three days, with the post-production phase being notably time-consuming and costly.

Generating knowledge base articles posed another challenge, often consuming a full 8 hours per article. Perforce sought a solution to expedite these tasks and allocate resources more efficiently.

The guidde Solution

Incorporating guidde into the Perforce workflow has led to transformative improvements. Video creation time has been drastically reduced by over 90%, from 4 hours (or more) to just a couple of minutes. Converting a tutorial video into a knowledge base article now takes around an hour, a remarkable enhancement from the previous 8-hour process.

guidde's adaptability empowers Perforce to create tutorial videos across multiple departments, unlocking more potential. The AI-based automated workflow within guidde has proven to be an invaluable time-saving tool, effectively streamlining operations.

The Results

Adopting guidde has streamlined the video and knowledge base article production process, allowing the team to prioritize more critical tasks. A notable accomplishment was Perforce's ability to clear a backlog of 200 articles in an impressive 3-week timeframe, a feat made possible by guidde's productivity-enhancing capabilities. Perforce has integrated a standardized template for future onboarding and tutorial videos, ensuring a consistent structure and style across their video content.

Moreover, the evident benefits of guidde have catalyzed rapid organizational expansion, now encompassing Perforce's Legal, Security, and Marketing teams. Each team has uniquely embraced guidde, utilizing its capabilities for various purposes, from important announcements to asynchronous meeting updates.

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