Get your customers and team back in the know.

Guidde helps remote and hybrid teams put knowledge into action by capturing and organizing video content for any software or process.

Seamlessly capture knowledge.

With Guidde, anyone on your team can capture your organizational knowledge by recording their screen and voice on any app -or by transforming existing video recordings. Guidde video playbooks are automatically tagged and organized and can be used with team members, customers, vendors and partners over any software tool.

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Capture instantly

Just click on the Guidde recorder, and start capturing your voice and any app on your screen.

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Transform existing videos

Upload existing video content -from Zoom, MS Teams or LMS solutions - to Guidde.

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Ask questions with videos.

We've all been there: unable to finish a task just because we forgot how to do *something* in a software we use. With Guidde you can ask questions with a video and send them directly to the relevant expert.

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Stuck in an app and can't finish a task?

Not sure what the next step in your onboarding process is or how to create a report in your CRM? Just record your question and your screen to help pinpoint your exact needs and instantly send a video request to your subject matter experts. 

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Get instant notifications

The right person in your team will immediately get notified, create a new playbook with whatever information you are missing and send it straight back to your inbox.

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Let knowledge come to customers when and where they need it.

Don't waste time searching for knowledge ever again. With Guidde, content is organized and presented in your workflow, always available when and where you need it.

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Auto-label knowledge

Guidde understands and transcribes what's being said and shown in your video content. Hence it automatically labels each one of the playbooks according to the app, the location, topics or features it's relevant for.

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Organize knowledge

Guidde also personalizes the playbooks that are presented to you according to labels, your role, your geo-location and more.

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Search knowledge

Remember how playbooks are awesomely labelled and organized? So you won't be surprised that you can search for playbooks the same way you search Google.

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Contextualize knowledge

When you share or request a playbook, it opens up exactly where it's needed and can be watched while using the app. Oh and if the video isn't enough, you can attach PDF's and add links to any playbook.

Knowledge built to last.

In the past, when people left a company, they took their knowledge with them, away from your team and your customers.
These days are over.

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Retain knowledge

With Guidde, you can now stop knowledge from walking out the door. No matter who created them, video playbooks live on-app for posterity - unless you decide to delete them.

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Maintain knowledge

If playbooks become obsolete, and updated videos are being added to your Guidde library, don't worry. We'll always display playbooks based on their view count and ranking, which will change organically over time.

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