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Deliver personal know-how at scale with on-brand videos

More accounts per CSM
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Onboarding time reduction
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What our customers say

"At Dataloop, we treat customer experience as a top priority, and with the help of Guidde, we are able to keep our customers constantly updated and knowledgeable of new features and best practices, helping them achieve product value more quickly and effectively than ever before!"

Inbal Assaf
Head of Product Growth at Dataloop Al

"We wanted to pick a solution to support our growth and keep our customer satisfaction in top shape. A solution that uses a format our customers love to consume helps to onboard them quickly into our platform and provide continuous updates of new functionality. Guidde was a perfect choice! We see the results every day in increasing video views and decreasing support tickets"

Motti Elloul
VP Customer Success & Incident Response at Perception Point

Winning CS Teams Use Guidde

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Distribute the workload across your whole team

Your product is complex, different people on your team master different parts of it. They may even be spread across the globe. Having one function centralizing and documenting everything there is to know is impossible. With Guidde everyone contributes their knowledge to a shared pool. Knowledge seamlessly builds itself  up. 

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Easily onboard your new team members

What better onboarding can new joiners get than a self-served video experience that doesn’t waste more experienced people’s time?
With Guidde, you can create an Onboarding space for new staff as well as onboarding video playlists. Knowledge can be about anything: from processes, to policies, through how to use a specific tool your company heavily relies on. 

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Retain Knowledge

People come and go. Guidde's knowledge remains. It is also very easy to maintain. When playbooks become obsolete and updated playbooks are being added, you don't need to do anything. You'll see view count and ranking change accordingly over time, based on usage. And you know that the knowledge will always be in-context and on-app.

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Share video knowledge from your experts

Your customers instantly get access to knowledge created by the most relevant subject matter experts in your team. Every piece of content you share with them is to the point and the best it can be. It’s also displayed in context, and in their flow of work so they don’t waste time looking for it in a vast and hefty LMS.

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