4 Ways AI Improves Employee Video Training Engagement

AI is improving the landscape of employee onboarding with training videos. Find out ways it improves engagement so you can take advantage of it.

Arjel Vajvoda
Jun 17, 2024
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Engaged employees are the engine of organizational growth. Their passion and dedication propel the company's long-term goals into reality—and one way you can do it is through high-impact training.

Visual content—with a remarkable 90% retention rate—should be the cornerstone of your onboarding. But today's employees are more than just a short clip explaining the process, and that's where you can leverage AI-driven personalized training videos.

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4 Ways AI Boosts Employee Training Videos

  1. Reduces Cognitive Load
  2. Personalizes Learning Materials
  3. Improves Video Timeliness and Relevance
  4. Adds Diversity

1. Reduces Cognitive Load

AI-generated training videos present complicated information clearly and coherently. This approach reduces information overload and helps employees learn and remember the process effectively.

2. Personalizes Learning Materials

AI uses the employee's profile, preferences, and progress to tailor your training. It can add interactive elements and give personalized feedback, making learning more engaging and effective.

A woman watching a training video on a laptop.
A woman watching a training video on a laptop.

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3. Improves Video Timeliness and Relevance

AI helps you create new video content quickly, keeping your training materials fresh and relevant to today's business needs and employee skills. Your teaching program can adapt as industry trends evolve and staff roles change.

4. Adds Diversity

AI-generated videos bring complex concepts to life with engaging visuals and realistic simulations. You can use them for onboarding, soft skills training, change management, and diversity training.

They help learners grasp difficult processes, develop practical skills, and understand important organizational values and practices in a more vivid and inclusive way.  

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Tools To Create Engaging Employee Video Training

You can use several AI tools to make training videos for your employees. Still, guidde stands out by capturing your screen recording and voiceovers to transform existing clips into organized and searchable guides. You can even share them with team members, customers, vendors, and partners across any software tool.

ChatGPT is another tool you can use for scriptwriting. It can make high-quality, engaging, and effective talking points.

Analyzing the Progress of Your Training Videos

Imagine training that adapts to every employee's needs, maximizing engagement and impact. AI can make it possible by analyzing employee behavior, preferences, and effectiveness, revealing valuable insights about their learning and performance.

This data-driven approach eliminates bias, ensuring fair and efficient training. By tailoring the experience to individual needs, AI fosters a more profound understanding, ultimately boosting employee performance.

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Secrets To Maximizing Employee Engagement

AI is increasingly critical in crafting high-impact training videos and boosting employee engagement. It creates relevant and adaptable learning materials that reflect industry changes.

AI-generated content should complement, not replace, instructors. The human factor in training brings empathy, emotional support, and individual guidance, which are crucial for a holistic learning experience. A blend of AI-driven content and human interaction can create a more effective learning environment​​.

Try leveraging guidde to achieve your training objectives and witness improved engagement and business results.

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