Top 10 Free Knowledge Management Software For 2023

Top 10 Free Knowledge Management Software For 2023

Stav Hazan
Nov 16, 2023
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Knowledge bases are a great way to help people find information quickly and easily. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from helping save time for employees who need to find information quickly, to empowering customers to solve problems on their own. Marketing, sales, customer service, and support are just a few organizations that benefit immensely from knowledge bases. Practically any business department can use them. The best part, they can be used as a resource for both internal and external users.

Given we feel so strongly about knowledge bases, we felt it would be great for you to try some out. For free that is! That’s right, we’ve compiled a list of 10 knowledge bases you can join for free. However, be sure to read the fine print when you sign up as not all of them are free forever.

Zoho Desk (free 15 day trial)

Zoho Desk is a knowledge management tool for building perceptive and simple help desks. It promotes client self-service, enhancing the efficiency of support centers. Customers can also submit tickets straight from the Help Center website. You can customize the look and feel of a portal by using the customization function. 

PixelMixer (up to 5 users free)

The ideal learning method for onboarding, training, and knowledge transfer is video, which PixelMixer uses to great effect. Quickly record your webcam and screen or import meeting recordings. You can skip right to the pertinent sections of a video using PixelMixer's significant topic detection feature. Your most important resource is knowledge, which PixelMixer now makes available to everyone.

Helpjuice (free 14 day trial)

Helpjuice has a number of customization options that let you modify the look and feel of your knowledge base to match your brand. Teams may work together remotely and in real-time thanks to a variety of collaboration options. Managers can add remarks, delegate work, request edits, view version history, and do many other things. Sophisticated reporting and analytics tools provided by Helpjuice enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your knowledge base and make any adjustments.

Document 360 (up to 5 users free)

Build smart knowledge bases for clients and workers using Document360. Produce technical documentation, product assistance documents, user manuals, SOPs, and FAQs. Access the platform from any device via centralized management. You can only add 5 team accounts and generate 50 articles with the free plan.

Slab (up to 10 users free)

Slab is a knowledge center for the contemporary workplace. Your team can interact using a real-time editor and manage company data with folders and tags. Slab also interacts with well-known productivity applications like Slack, G Suite, GitHub, Asana, and more. Slab allows users to arrange content by hierarchical categories. 

Jira Service Management (up to 3 users free)

IT is undergoing a rapid transformation to create the skills needed to deliver excellent services quickly while managing cost and risk. But outdated methods of operation impede advancement. Team agility and speed are limited by rigid processes. Tools that are disjointed and fragmented stop the information flow that would otherwise speed up wise decision-making. Jira enables you to create a high-performing digital business.

Jostle (up to 15 people free)

Everybody wants to experience the delight of belonging to a thriving culture and understanding the value of their efforts. Jostle observed the effects that making others feel successful has, and how it encourages people to stay and make even more contributions Therefore, they’ve developed a platform that aids businesses in ensuring the success of each and every employee.

Documize (up to 5 users free)

Documize is a feature-rich, enterprise-ready platform that is also user-friendly and straightforward. The program is a great tool for internal and technical documentation. The tool can be used to store and distribute your knowledge bases. These could be anything, such as manuals, rules, and procedures. To develop your knowledge bases, pick from a variety of snippets and templates that are configurable. 

Confluence (up to 10 users free)

You may create and edit documents using Confluence to construct knowledge bases for your teams. For better documentation, you can organize attachments, pages, and keyword labels. Leverage the free knowledge base program offers access to more than 75 templates. The templates can be altered completely. You can keep track of and see the history of modifications made by contrasting various versions of the papers. Although it features mobile applications for iOS and Android, the program is largely web-based.

Zendesk (free trial available)

Zendesk offers cutting-edge knowledge management tools. Streamline the customer support workflow and enable your team to quickly and effectively respond to client inquiries. When human agents are busy, bots can fill in for them using AI-powered technologies. You may record the full customer care encounter using the platform, too. This information can be used by team leaders later to eliminate bottlenecks and boost productivity.

Guru (up to 3 users free)

Build knowledge bases with Guru, a free knowledge management tool. Sync the knowledge base with web-based applications, internal wikis, and even your intranet. Combine your current external and internal information sources in one location. Store, retrieve, and share all of your data on a single, user-friendly platform. Select from a variety of knowledge base templates and frameworks.

How Guidde can help you build a knowledge base

The goal of a knowledge base is to provide the agent with the information they need to answer customer queries in a timely manner. Which means content needs to be created, refreshed, and shared in a timely fashion as well. Introducing Guidde!

In just a few clicks, you can create step-by-step tutorials. Develop videos or documents or both!  Share your work via email, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom and more! 

If it sounds like Guidde would be useful, we’d love for you to try us out. Click this link and install our browser extension to try Guidde FREE for 14-days!

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