How to improve your organization using Better Documentation

How to improve your organization using Better Documentation

Sasi Levi
Nov 16, 2023
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The importance of documentation cannot be overstated, as it allows organizations to keep track of all the processes and procedures they’re following. At its core, documentation is the bridge between your team and the rest of your organization. Without proper documentation, it’s impossible to maintain effective internal communications and quality product service. Which means in order to stay competitive, organizations need to constantly improve their processes and documentation. It may also pay a role in your ability to comply with regulatory requirements.

A lot of people ask themselves what better documentation is and how they can implement it into their workflow. Better documentation can include things like user manuals, tutorials, blog posts, or even help desk tickets for software-based projects. Ultimately, you should strive to have well-written documentation that is easy to understand, and that can be used as a basis for new projects.

Since there are so many things to consider, we felt it was only right to get you going on the right foot. So in this blog, we’ll cover:

- The benefits of implementing better documentation

- How to improve your documentation

- Modern tools you can you that will help

How better documentation can help your organization

Better documentation can have immense benefits for your organization. Though the benefits can be stated in many ways, ultimately better documentation can help your organization by helping you to:

Improve productivity: Quality documentation helps your team to find solutions faster and make more accurate decisions. It also saves time for the organization by reducing errors and rework.

Improve efficiency: Improving your documentation reduces errors, rework and time spent on manual work. It also helps to reduce the cost of mistakes by enabling software updates without human intervention.

Improve quality: Quite obviously, better documentation provides a clear understanding of what is expected from an individual or group so that they can meet those expectations as well as improve their performance over time.

Best practices to improve your documentation

Improving your documentation really boils down to two key steps. The first step to improving your documentation is to identify what you want it to accomplish for your organization. What are the goals? What are the desired outcomes? Once you have these answers, you can start planning out how you want your documentation to look and function in order for it to achieve its goals.

The second step in improving your organization's productivity with better documentation is to set up a proper workflow for creating and maintaining it. This includes setting up a proper process for creating content, managing changes, updating content across different platforms, etcetera.

Tools you can use to improve your documentation

Documentation is a time-consuming process. It is a tedious task that can be very difficult and time-consuming for employees to complete. If your company or organization wants to improve productivity, you should consider implementing document automation software. 

Document automation software helps in automating the documentation process by allowing users to create content without writing it by themselves. This saves time and reduces errors in the documentation process. 

But which tool should you use?

Introducing Guidde! Guidde is a tool that helps people create and manage documentation for their projects. It's helpful for software developers, designers, marketers, but especially non-technical people. 

Create documentation for your internal teams in a matter of minutes. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to add text, images, videos, and audio files. You can also add tags and categories to help organize your content.

If this sounds like something useful, we’d love for you to try Guidde FREE for 14-days! Click HERE

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