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Imagine a world where you don’t need to use chat bots, help buttons, endless documentation and Digital Adoption platforms that require a heavy implementation.
Stop Imagining.

This is our reality:

Guidde-Inside allows you to become a self service platform at scale.

See up to
increase in conversion to paid for users who watched video
Reduction by up to
support tickets


Quick Implementation

5 min installation guaranteed.
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Control who can see the information and where

Video Analytics

Learn what your customers are looking for and can’t find and act on it

No-code integration

Implement in less than 5 minutes with our quick Guidde Snippet

Contextual recommendations

Display the right video at the right time

Personalized content

Our AI is learning what your users are looking for

See key trends by account

Learn how your accounts are thinking and identify success/churn activities

Searchable video tutorials

Search your transcript and focus on what matters

Activity Feed

Display all the searches and views by accounts and users

All the benefits of Guidde, on top of your platform.

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