Using Product Testimonials in Video Content: Elevate Your Marketing

Create videos to ramp up your marketing strategy with top-notch product testimonials. Read our guide on how to include authentic voices in your content.

Arjel Vajvoda
Jun 17, 2024
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One of the best ways to get more customers is through other satisfied customers. Why? Because buyers trust their peers. According to research, 90% of consumers find online opinions influence their buying decisions.

Using customer testimonials in marketing materials lets you separate yourself in a competitive market, improve marketing efforts, and attract new customers.

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What Is a Product Testimonial?

A testimonial is an endorsement of your product or service from a previously satisfied customer. When a potential client reads it, they verify your brand's authenticity and quality, which can convince them to purchase.

Video Marketing: Why Are Product Testimonials Worth It?

Video marketing is better for content strategy than other media forms like blogs and infographics. A report from Statista reveals that over 40% of people in the US watch online videos daily.

Now, product testimonials videos are better than reviews because you have real clients talking about their experiences. They give an authentic and compelling perspective on the value and effectiveness of your company.

How To Create Compelling Client Testimonials

To create a compelling video testimonial, a user should say how they benefited from the product or service. The following tips will also help you get the best result possible.

1. Invest in Quality Equipment

Visually appealing videos are crucial for engaging the audience and establishing trustworthiness. To achieve them, you can use a mid-range or high-end DSLR camera, a steady tripod, and decent microphones for clarity and noise reduction.

2. Write a Script

Create a script for the testimonial, but don't rely on it. The content of the video should focus on genuine thoughts, centering around the user's problem and how your product or service helped them solve it. For example, guidde helped Nezasa reduce the time for internal and external onboarding sessions.

Note: A customer telling their genuine opinion will naturally emphasize the benefits of your product instead of listing its features.

3. Keep the Video Short and Concise

Keep the video brief, ideally two to three minutes, to keep the viewer's attention and convey the content efficiently. Add only the necessary information, and focus on the most essential points you want to share.

What About Your Target Audience?

Different audiences have different needs and interests; what resonates with one may not resonate with the other. Keep your clients' in mind when creating testimonial videos to ensure your message is relevant and impactful.

Here are additional strategies you can use to get the best results from your testimonial:

  • Focus on the business consequences and return on investment (ROI) of the product or service for B2B audiences.
  • Use simple language, dynamic storytelling, and relatable themes if your company is consumer-focused.
  • Include testimonials from people with varying backgrounds to guarantee inclusivity for broad audiences.
  • 32% of online video watchers spend their time on TikTok—the most of any social media platform. Leverage it for more reach and create short clips from your testimonials to upload on the app.
  • Language and hearing impairment can prevent the testimonial from reaching its full potential. Use captions and subtitles to reach a broader audience.

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KPIs for Measuring Success

Below are several key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for determining the success of video testimonials:

  • View Count: Indicates initial attention and reach.
  • Engagement Metrics: Comments and likes reveal audience interaction.
  • Play Rate: Shows active user choices, especially on landing pages.
  • Watch Time: Indicates audience resonance and interest.
  • Social Sharing: Influences brand recognition and lead generation.
  • Clicks and Click-through Rates: Measure effectiveness in driving traffic.
  • Conversions: Reflect on the video's successfully convincing viewers to take desired actions.

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Customer Testimony Videos: Guaranteed Success

Now that you have the knowledge and inspiration to create impactful customer testimonial videos, it's time to unlock their true potential. Streamline feedback collection, find potential testimonials, and personalize for your target audience.

To improve your customer success further, create personalized video responses to customer questions with guidde. It automatically records your screen and voice as you walk through a process, making it easier to address the user's issue because you're not editing the response yourself.

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